Against the Cult


The party returned to Rivers End finding themselves to be getting quite sick and in their weakened state were in no position to return to the tower. They found a herbalist in town who gave them some herbs to try. Unfortunately they weren’t as effective as they had hoped and they found themselves either not improving or getting worse. They also learned that the herbs they needed to help them were hard to find in this area and that it was going to take some time to locate them. At the cost of a small fortune in gold they were able to get the herbs they needed to heal themselves

About a week after they first went to the tower the party was healthy enough to return. They returned to the tower with the young dragon Taloklaxus, who had grown considerably and appeared to be distancing himself from the party.

When the party got to the tower they saw the bodies of two dead Gnoles, who appeared to have been torn apart and killed by Taloklaxus. When they entered the tower they were greeted by a fiendishly hidden trap that nearly killed the first one to enter the threat area and set it off. The party was forced to find a new way into the tower and entered through a side window.

They cleared the second floor of the tower and when they entered the top floor they were greeted by the Beholder Shur-Tuuz and his pet rust monsters and Gnole allies. After a drawn out battle and the near death of one of the party members Shur-Tuuz was defeated and the Party gained the tower.



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