Against the Cult

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

The Story So far.

The party Started out, sent by the wife of Douvian Stall to locate Him and trace his steps as he has gone missing. In the process of rescuing Douvian they uncovered the Story of the Shadow Fell Keep from the citizens of Winter Haven. The sought out the keep and Defeated Kurell the leader of the death cult, stopping him from bringing the power of Orcas on the word.

When the hero’s returned to Winter Haven they celebrated the victory with the citizens. In the midst of the revelry they were summoned home by Douvian as their home town of George Town was attacked.

Upon returning to George Town there discovered that their families were killed and a town of 3000 was reduced to 300. They found out that though they had thought they had defeated Kurell they had not. He had returned with a force of Goblins and undead and destroyed George Town out of revenge. Douvian has made it his personal mission to wipe out the death Cult and asks for the hero’s help.

They agree to help and set out for the town of Rivers End, to locate the fabled tower of the Cats of Threen

Upon Reaching Rivers End our Heros sought out information on the fabled tower as this was the area that Douvain believed it to be. Douvian told them to seek out a female Human Druid named Darstina Tarmikos a friend of his who knows the area better then anyone else.

Darstina tells them the area of the tower and of the beholder that currently has possession of it. She also tells the party of Young Adamantine Dragon that has been captured by Kobalds and asks the party to rescue the dragon if they can and kill it if they can’t.

The Hero’s managed to rescue the young dragon Taloklaxus who formed a curious bond with one of the party members. Unfortunately the Heroes separated at this point and the Young Dragon was able to fill the whole in the party that was needed.

The Remaining hero’s went forward to take the tower. They were unable to take it with their first assault and were forced with withdraw licking their wounds hoping to go back and take it another day.



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